Integrating Auth0 authentication with Postman

Hi, I’m working on an application that already using Auth0 for users authentication/authorization and everything is fine, the login/register process functioning perfect. Now I’m developing on the express API a new services, so I need to integrate Auth0 authentication with my postman requests so I can access my protected routes. I’ve reached into this article .
I first added the Auth0 env variables to the Postman collection environment like in the image below:

And then in Authorization tab I select OAuth 2.0 as Type and when I (Get A New Access Token) I get (Authentication Failed) and the console displays error Error: Invalid protocol for auth URL. Only HTTP and HTTPS protocol are allowed.

I don’t know if this is the right way to integrate Auth0 with Postman requests, but I needed to ask here to check.
Thanks in advanced.

Any helpful suggestions ?