Integrate login api for my mobile app

I have integrate auth0.login api for my mobile app, and i passing parameter as below with client id and and domain id
realm: ‘Username-Password-Authentication’, //connection name or HRD domain
username: ‘’,
password: ‘Pratibha@26’
url: /

Also i have added user with this connection.
But Its throwing error
{“error”:“invalid_grant”,“error_description”:“Wrong email or password.”}
I have read many document in auth0, but i am unable to find the solution.

Hey there @pratibha.singh, I apologize for the delay in response.

I realize it’s been some time since you initially shared this challenge but I do have a couple questions on this front. Is this effecting one particular user or multiple users? When you get a chance can you direct message me your tenant name? Thanks in advance!

Due to the age of this topic I will keep it open for another ten days just in case this is indeed a challenge you are still working through.

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