Install multiple LDAP connectors on a single windows host pointing to different environment tenants

Problem statement

Is it possible to install multiple LDAP connectors on a single Windows host, pointing to different tenants?


The short answer is ‘Yes’, providing you deploy instances of the LDAP connector to individual virtual machines (VMs) that are running on that host.

The other key requirements would be as described in the documentation:

You would need to configure an LDAP connection ( via the Dashboard ) for each tenant that needs to participate in this form of authentication. If your intention is to have multiple LDAP connections configured for each of your Dev/Stage tenants, this is not generally supported. As a rule, you may only configure a single LDAP connector per tenant.

The only exception to this rule is where you have multiple LDAP directories (e.g. each customer has their own directory ). This is a special case where this is a unique mapping between the LDAP connector and the associated directory:

"It is possible to have multiple Connectors within one Auth0 tenant if you have multiple AD/LDAP directories against which users will authenticate. For example, to support different departments or customers, each with its own directory.

In addition, multiple Connectors can point to the same AD or LDAP directory, but a Connector can only be used by one Auth0 Connection within one Auth0 tenant."