Incorrect payload data format

When I am getting the token after login, But when I want to verify in the payload data is something like this:

Hi @prisoner544,

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I understand you encountered issues decoding your access token namely with obscure characters for the “id” claim.

Firstly, would you mind providing me with the exact steps and code you used to get the access token?

And if possible, could you send me a direct message with an example of the access token with obscure characters?


Good afternoon. I used to have this error too.

Hi all,

Just circling back on the solution that @prisoner544 and I worked on through direct messages.

Essentially, the payload was in the wrong format – specifically, it was an opaque access token because the ‘audience’ parameter was not sent in the login request.

Passing an ‘audience’ in the /authorize request will generate a JWT access token.

Reference: Get Access Tokens


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