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In PHP, Using Auth0 SDK vs Using Authorization Code Flow

There’s so much information to digest when implementing for the first time. So I initially implemented the Call to API using the Authorization Code Flow and got it working, then I discovered the Auth0 SDK which I found much simpler. Maybe my approach was backwards on accident, so my question is what is the advantage of calling the API code flow vs. the SDK? The API call just seemed to have more granular options that I did not see with the SDK. Not saying I needed them. With so much info to digest ( btw - I really appreciate the wealth of info and documentation that Auth0 provides ) I wanted to test my understanding of the different implementations so I can better educate myself on the best path to suit my needs.

Thank You in Advance.

Hey there, @ferdware.

The goal of our SDKs is to facilitate app integration with our services. The authorization code flow is part of the OAuth 2.0 spec and the SDK uses this flow to enable users to authorize apps.

In other words, if the SDK covers your scenario, then you are good to go. If they don’t, then you can just fall back to the OAuth specification (or any other that we cover).

I hope that helps.

Thank You, Bruno!

Thank you so much for the clarification.

Best Regards.

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