Improving developer experience of 'Fetch User Profile Script'

When writing a fetch user profile script for my app, I had to use cb(new Error(" ... ")) in order to debug which was not a great developer experience.

The Fetch User Profile Script’ part of the custom social connections extension is very difficult to use effectively. Some improvements I’d like to see include:

  • Replace deprecated request module with something else. A good option is got
  • Detail or provide a location for where console.log outputs are stored

Hi Ethan, I completely agree with you that ‘request’ is very unintuitive.

You would have to see how excited I was when I noticed that I can use other libraries :slight_smile: Check it out, it may help you a lot:

About console.logs, Auth0 provides another extension called “real-time webtask logs” and it works for me.

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hi @ethan-arrowood welcome to the Auth0 Community!! :tada:

Thanks for the feedback and I’m glad you were able to eventually get a working solution. We love getting product feedback from developers, I’d encourage you to submit your observations and use-case so our Product Managers can review.

Thanks for using Auth0 and let us know if you run into any further issues!

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@kazimierz.bagrowski wow thats an awesome site. Definitely book marking that. Thank you!

@colin.coutts okay will do, thank you :smile:

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