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Maybe I am confused on how this works but I have 2 web applications (and maybe more in the future), each will have its own users. How do I import users and have them assigned to a specific web application?

Also, is there just one Username-Password database for all applications? When I look at my list of users, I can’t see a list of users for a specific application or is there a way to do this using the filters?

This is just in the Auth0 portal and not through the API.

Hello @MountainTopTech,

You can create multiple databases if that is what you need. If you have two apps and two databases then you enable DB 1 for App 1 and DB 2 for App 2. If users are self-registering they will be created in the appropriate DB automatically. If you are actually importing users then you just need to mind which DB you are importing them into. You specify the target database when importing.

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Thanks. I tried creating a username-password database and I guess I didn’t see the type. I created a new database and can see how to associate an application with a specific database now.

Is this good practice if I have 2 separate web apps to have each one have its own database?

If you have completely distinct user communities (a user for App A will never use App B and vice versa) then creating separate databases may make sense.

It’s worth noting that “username-password database” is a bit misleading. By default Auth0 hosted databases use email as the login identifier, not a traditional “username”. If you want to use traditional usernames you need to enable that in the setting for the database. Auth0 should really rename that default “Username-Password” database!

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