Implementing Auth0 on Weebly websites

We have a simple Weebly website, which is linked to our large LinkedIn groups. Obviously we are not developers or we would not use Weebly :slight_smile: We have a resource center with whitepapers, eCourses, and videos, behind the weebly login gateway. Weebly login is very limited (full name and email address). We want people to signup with their LinkedIn social account and capture their profile information. As LinkedIn groups have become a mess after their group changes, we want to offer a better learning platform that what’s available on LinkedIn groups.

I know Auth0 is the right tool for that but I have no idea how to implement it on Weebly. technical knowledge is limited to copying/pasting a javascript that could replace the one Weebly use for its login.

Does any of you have implemented Auth0 on Weebly or know how to do it? Any help would be appreciated. Weebly claims to have 20 million site : I am sure we are not the only one needing Auth0! Though I doubt many Weebly users know Auth0 even exist and how great it is!

If Auth0 monitor this, I am a major influencer on LinkedIn, connected with most of LinkedIn large group owners and would be happy to make some introductions.

Hi @otaupin
Applications like Weebly need to be able to “federate” authentication to external identity providers (like Auth0) in order to replace the standard login method with anything that Auth0 can provide.

The most commonly used protocols for this are OIDC, OAuth 2 and SAML. Using any of these protocols an application sends an authentication request to the external identity provider. The identity provider will do its job and return back to the application with the authentication result (i.e. information about the user).

I searched online and could not find any indication that Weebly supports federated authentication. I only found a rudimentary “Login link” scheme (see, but using this would involve creating a separate application in charge of handling authentication and creating these login links. This custom approach would require a development effort, and you would end up with a non-standard way of doing federated authentication, with little consideration of security (e.g. there’s no provision for CSRF login attack mitigations like you have on standard protocols)

So, to summarize, this is not an limitation with LinkedIn or Auth0. Instead, Weebly should support one of the federated authentication protocols to achieve what you want…

Hello Nicolas, this is bad news! I was looking forward to working with Oath0. The alternative is to get people to signup outside Weebly on a landing page that looks like our webpage where we do the authentication and then we use some type of API to access our Weebly resource center behind the Weebly login gateway. Does that make sense? If it does, how would you recommend we do this.

I see Auth0 actually have hosted pages: Is there a way you can help me developed an API to open our Weebly login-protected hosted page from there?

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