Implementing Auth0 on multiple WordPress Domains

Reaching out for someone to help me implement/integrate Auth0 on three WordPress domains. 1 main, 2 subdomains.
I’ve been through various attempts using the videos and documentation, but am still stumped. E.g. can’t export users from WordPress to Auth0.
I’ve installed the WP plugin and have a developer account set up.
I know this is probably kindergarten development stuff, well… I’m in kindergarten:)

Big thanks for help

Hey @Gary. Sorry about the frustrations you are having. Your question, I’m afraid, does not have enough detail to understand exactly what is the problem that you are having.
Have you followed the instructions from Is there anything that’s not clear, or that seems incorrect?
What’s the setup that you’ve got, and how does it differ from what you are looking for?
The more detail you are able to provide, the most likely someone will be able to provide some assistance. :+1: