Implementin hybrid auth flows

Hello, Im having a hard time trying to get to the right solution.
I have an angular front end app in a server and a express js api in another server which is consumed by the user from the front end app so I tried going for regular web app to implement auth0, the thing is that this API is also consumed by daemons and other scripts so I dont know how can I have the front form authentication but at the same time authenticate the daemons so they can make calls to the api.

My initial thought was to create two apps one m2m and a regular web app, but in my express js server I need to protect for example the route app.get(‘/products’) in a way that when a user calls it it uses the regular web application and the auth0 front forms to authenticate but when a daemon or a script calls it then it can also authenticatw without the front end form

Another thing I was thinking is to make the authorization in the front directly to auth0 and then using the token to make the calls to my express js app and validating the token there, on the daemon side just using the client grant to get access token, Im wondering if the Middleware can validate tokens from different apps at the same time

Another thing I was wondering is how would this work with postman for example, I would need to authenticate in the front look all the way for my token and then copy it and send it to the express api in the authorization header as a bearer token?