Implementation rotating refresh tokens

We implement Auth0 in our project and want to use approach with rotating refresh tokens instead of sessions in cookies. We configured Auth0Provider for using refresh token and storage token in local storage.
<Auth0Provider domain={domain} clientId={clientId} redirectUri={window.location.origin} onRedirectCallback={onRedirectCallback} audience={audience} useRefreshTokens={true} cacheLocation="localstorage" >
But when browser has “Block third-party cookies” settings we have error: Login required, when trying to get token by getAccessTokenSilently() method. As I understand, it happens because browser blocked cookies. Can I implement refresh token approach without using cookies?

Hi @y.savchenko,

If you are using the auth0-react sdk, you can utilize the useRefreshTokens option to configure refresh token rotation.

Hope this helps!

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