Implement Device Auth Flow with Organizations

Feature: Device Auth Flow with Organizations

Description: Currently there is only a Client ID and Device visible in the “Devices” tab for a user, even if he logged in with an organization context. We would like to also have the organization ID available at least at API level to be able to logout a user for a specific organization.

Use-case: The user will be able to connect his organization in Auth0 with a partner system. The partner will get a refresh token for API access on our side. We would like to provide a new UI for the user where he can revoke the access based on the organization ID

Thanks for creating this feedback card! I’ll make sure to relay it to our product team

@konrad.sopala do you know if there ETA for this feature?

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Hey there!

Unfortunately still no public information on that front as there are different features that gathered more traction and more votes. As soon as I know something I’ll make sure to relay it!

Is there any update on this topic? Wasn’t there a communication in one of the roadmap presentations already for this feature?