If I have a really non-trivial and complex sign-up logic can I use Auth0 Login UI?

I’d like to use Auth0 Login UI because I am planning to use a lot of security settings and MFA as well. My project has very strong security requirements, so it looks like a good idea to use Auth0 Login UI and set up all of the advanced MFA and security settings for being sure. The problem is that my signup flow is complex and I cannot see a way to customize Auth0 Login UI which will fit my flow and requirements.

So I can see 3 possible ways:

  1. Creating an absolutely custom own UI for Login, sign up, forgot password, MFA things, etc. (This way seems undesirable for me due to redundant front-end work, additional logic on the server, and the most important due to possible security holes in this custom realization)
  2. Using Auth0 Login UI fully, but break down sign up for into two parts. The first one will be a default signUp from Auth0 Login UI (for providing credentials, MFA settings, etc.), then the user will be redirected into my App and pass through others registration steps. (I lean towards this option!)
  3. Creating all signup flow using Auth0 Login UI customization, if it is possible (This is the question, can I do that? Because I have a few registration steps with additional DB queries for checks, validations, providing dropdown selects, and so on.)

I would be grateful for the advice.

Hi @zhygliy

I think you have summarized the three approaches, though I never recommend approach 1.
You can customize the ULP experience quite a lot, actually, you may be able to get your desired functionality.
Or you can leave login in the ULP, but write your own registration page (and don’t use the ULP registration at all). This makes it completely under your control.

For complex scenarios like this, you might consider our professional services team. We deal with this question a lot. There is no “one size fits all” answer, but we can provide what will work for you.