IE 11 on Windows 7- relative Location headers on Auth0 response causes failure

When our users on IE 11 & Win 7 (all latest patches) attempt to login to our application using Auth0 as the IdP (SAML 2.0 SP initiated SSO) it looks like Auth0 responds back with a relative Location header:

<name>Location</name> <value> /login?state=…redacted…</value> </header>

that fails with this browser/OS combination. This issue does not exist on other browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc. Only fails on IE 11 / Win7.

Is there a way that we can configure Auth0 to respond with an absolute value ‘protocol://domain/…’ in the Location? Alternatively if you have a list of known browser issues that we can review on our own that would be great. I am very new to the support blogs here so if I misplaced this ask please help in that regard. Thank you.

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