IDP Initiated SSO - Okta > Auth0 > Angular

I am trying to implement IDP initiated SSO. I have created a “temp” app on Okta (IDP). Using Okta as the IDP I can login and get redirected to Auth0 (SP). Auth0 will have a successful login recorded in the logs and redirect me to my website.

Here is my issue, I can see the POST request from Auth0 with the SAML assertion but I cannot get logged into my web app. I am lost on what to do at this point.

  • Should the Auth0 POST be handled by a web server? For example, ExpressJs or NGINX.
  • What do I do with the assertion?
  • How do I get logged into my app?
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Okay, I figured a large part of my problem.
I had misconfigured my IDP Initiated Settings in Auth0
I had selected SAML here
In my case it seems like I should use OpenID

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