IdP initiated SSO - Auth0.js (__enableIdPInitiatedLogin flag)


I am trying to set up Idp initiated SSO following the steps mentioned in this document Configure SAML Identity Provider-Initiated Single Sign-On. My application is Angular 6 SPA which uses auth0.js. I am not able to set the __enableIdPInitiatedLogin: true flag in webAuth.parseHash as mentioned in the document. The library doesn’t seem to accept it.

This is how I tried to set it up.
this.auth0.parseHash({__enableIdInitiatedLogin: true}, (err, authResult) => {
if (authResult && authResult.accessToken && authResult.idToken) {

Is this how it should be done or am I missing something here?
I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

[swathyjayaseelan] I think the type definition for __enableIdInitiatedLogin is missing. You can manually add the type definition. Open the node_modules/@types/auth0-js/inext.d.ts file and add __enableIdPInitiatedLogin?:boolean; in the ParseHashOptions interface. It should look like following

export interface ParseHashOptions {
    hash?: string;
    state?: string;
    nonce?: string;
    _idTokenVerification?: boolean;