IdP initiated flow from Auth0 to SP application

I am trying a federation scenario where Auth0 acts IdP and Okta acts as SP. My application is SAML enabled with Okta. I hooked up Auth0 and Okta by configuring settings in Auth0 with Okta metadata and viceversa. Suppose, if an end user (from Auth0) wants to initiates IdP initiated flow, where can he do so? I found IdP login URL where I enter Auth0 credentials which seemlessly logs me to Okta as well and lands me to Okta dashboard. I expect user to land on application (configured in Okta SP). Can anyone help me how this can be achieved? Where should relay state of Okta application be configured?

Hey @umamd, the URL to perform an IdP-initiated would be https://AUTH0_DOMAIN/samlp/CLIENT_ID.

This would redirect the user to the configured ACS URL (application callback URL). It then becomes the SP’s duty to redirect to the correct app.

Are you able to have a look at Okta side to see how it could redirect to the app automatically? Here are some links I found (not necessarily helpful):