Identify user with email, without using actions

I have a SPA React app and an expressjs API.

I would like to identify the user accessing the API using their email address. I found out how to do this using actions. However, this is not available in the free version so we would like a different method.

The alternative I found is using passport to keep a session with the user data. But this I don’t understand. Does implementing the authentication like this use a completely different flow than the Authorization Code Flow? As I understand it, this forces all login requests to happen through the API. But I find this to be a bit clunky. And can I still use the Auth0Provider for React if I use this flow?

Concretely: are actions and passport the only way to get email data in the API? And, am I understanding it correctly that I would need to use a completely different flow?

Hello @Jorritboer welcome to the community!

In looking at pricing, I believe free plans include 3 Actions - How exactly are you using Actions to accomplish your use case?

You could also look in to utilizing the /userinfo endpoint, but by far the easiest route is to include the email as a claim in token(s).

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Thank you, I misunderstood the pricing table in the settings tab. I will just use an action

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Awesome! Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

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