`id_token` in responseType = rule-applied custom claims to be ignored

I have a rule defined that attaches a custom claim to the id_token, and it works for social logins. However, for enterprise (AD/ADFS) connectors, even though I see the rule doing its thing (via console logs), the claim apparently gets stripped back off after the rule runs.

Thanks for any insight.

Hmm, can I delete a post? My statement above is wrong.

I had one application configured for social+enterprise, and the other just enterprise, and the custom claims seemed to be working for the former but not the latter – but I didn’t try the first one with the enterprise login until just now.

So the id_token decoration is working for one app and not the other. Looking at this.

Ignore my previous two posts.

The actual issue is that if I use a responseType of ‘token id_token’ in the WebAuth API call, then the custom claim that I apply to the id token via a rule is ignored.

Thank you a lot for sharing it with the rest of community!