IBM Qradar on cloud (Qroc) integration with Auth0

Is there any way to configure IBM’s Qradar on cloud (Qroc) SIEM solution for log streaming in Auth0 as i can see for other tools like Datadog and Splunk?

Does it support it by default or is there any custom way to configure it?

Ishan Pathak.

Hey Ishan,

We can definitely evaluate the level of effort to provide this is a direct stream.
In the meantime have you considered leveraging the webhook log stream solution to integrate with IBMs Qradar?

I have checked the Auth0 Document but not get much clarity out of it. i am looking for the integration document for Qradar on Cloud with Auth0.

Top of all this i am unable to understand the significance of API Endpoint and the server URL as i need to know what all details we required to be sent to Qroc and vice-versa to make working connection between these two.

will you please help us to understand the above query?

Hey Ishan,
Here you can access the information needed to stream out logs through our Webhook integration.
For Qradar specific information I would recommend referring to their documentation and requirements

Webhook we have referred but we would not able understand what steps need to followed in order to generate 1) Payload(server) URL 2) Authorization token in auth0.

Moreover, IBM official documents does not have solution guide and information related to this integration. hence help required.

@yoav Any Updates on above thread?