I want to edit the "Confirm Email Address" screen

We are currently using Auth0 and would like to ask about email address registration/confirmation.

When a user registers an account with “email_verified:true” set in ManagementAPI, he/she will receive a confirmation email asking him/her to access a URL.
After that, a screen will launch and display “Email address confirmed”.
Is it possible to edit this screen from the Auth0 admin page?

We would appreciate your reply.

Hi @tashiro ,

Thank you for posting this topic on the Auth0 Community!

I understand that you want to edit the confirmation page. We can implement this change with the following steps.

  1. go to Auth0 Dashboard → Branding → Email Template
  2. select “Verification Email (using Link)” Template.

The “redirect to” field is where we can customize the page redirected by the user clicking on the link in the email. This article explains how to customize this field.

Hope this helps!