I am facing issue in logout Api

Basically I have two environemnts Dev and production. When user logout from dev environment. User is logged out from Auth0. But when user logged out from production environment, when user try to login again Auth0 don’t ask for username and password. User is automatically logged in Auth0. Both environments have same code deployed.

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I’m also facing same issue. In production, user just gets logged in (using authorization code) after calling logout() in code.

logout({ returnTo: window.location.origin });

Please look into it @dan.woda

Hi @support25 @ritiwari369

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Could you please provide more info about how you are logging out? What SDK, version, and methods you are using. Thanks.

HI @dan.woda

We are using

because of CMS kentico old version we are using. Basically my question is same logout method work on Dev environment but it dont work on Production environment. Do I have to change tenant setting or something ?


Logout works of a few different levels. It could be how your app handles it.

Auth0 should be deleting the cookie session when you hit the endpoint. That should be consistent.

Have you looked through our docs?


Yes I have seen these docs. We are using version=“7.16.1” and how its working on one environment and not working on other ?

It’s hard to say without any more information about your apps.

Please do let me know what more you need to guid me ? Thank you

Can you please provide a HAR file of the failed logout? You can DM it to me.

@dan.woda please check your inbox.

@dan.woda Any update please?

@ritiwari369 any suggestions please?

Hi @support25,

Apologies for the delay, I responded in our DM.

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