Http://localhost is not allowed


I am creating a new autho application with auth0 react sample app. However when I enter “http://localhost:3000” in Application Login URI, following error prevents me from saving. How do I disable this validation?

“Error!Payload validation error: ‘Object didn’t pass validation for format absolute-https-uri-or-empty: http://localhost:3000’ on property initiate_login_uri (Initiate login uri, must be https).”

Thank you

Hey there @kewong!

The Application Login URI does indeed require https, but You don’t need to worry about it n order to run the sample app locally - The Application Login URI (initiate_login_uri) is related to a Default Login Route which is not necessary in this context. You’ll want to focus on the Allowed Callback URLs, Allowed Logout URLs and Allowed Web Origin URLs as outlined in our React Quickstart.

Hope this helps!

Thank you very much @tyf

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Happy to be of help :smile:

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