How to use Wordpress hasher to check password validity?

I am trying to make a custom database connexion script in order to validate password upon wordpress database user saved password.
This one is hashed using a particular technique i need to reproduce in order to check it.
I tried using the following package, but it does not seem to be available in your script environnement:

var hasher = require('wordpress-hash-node');
var testPassword = 'testPassword';
var testHash = hasher.HashPassword(testPassword);

Can you please help me validating save wordpress user password against the password provided by user in Auth0 widget ?

Based on my understanding of your situation I would leverage the Auth0 Wordpress plugin option that enables user migration as that exposes HTTP endpoints that can be used from a custom database connection and do not require you to go low-level and directly verify Worpress password hashes.

For the above you can check the answer at: I cannot make wordpress work with custom database migration - Auth0 Community

Thanks you for your answer, do you have any post explaining how to connect from a custom database connection to exposed HTTP endpoints ?
I actually have 2 WP sites with plugin on each site, and would like to realize a simple SSO on both sides. So i suppose i need 1 custom db connections for each site. But maybe i’m wrong ?