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How to use Auth0 for password reset

We are planning to implement “password reset” capability into our web application which is called through authentication proxy server.
Could you show a shortest way to do it with Auth0’s password reset capability?

We’d like to keep current architecutre as below.

Browser -> Authentication Proxy -> Web Application
LDAP Server

Authentication Scenario
(1) Browser -> Proxy : access to the Proxy
(2) Proxy -> Browser : show login form when there is no auth session
(3) Browser -> Proxy : enter ID/PW
(4) Proxy -> LDAP Server : check ID/PW
(5) LDAP -> Proxy : authentication result
(6) Proxy -> Web Server : request top page
(7) Web Server -> Proxy -> Browser : response top page

We’d like to only use “password reset” capablity of auth0 without any change of the above architecture.

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