How to update to multiple users at the same time the mail domain

Hello everyone

I’m new to managing user profiles via API and was wondering if it was somehow possible to update all the mail domains of a given group of users.

I’ll give you an example to make it easier, I would need to vary the user to and if possible automatically check the user email.

Thank you all!

Hi @SupConf,

I understand that you are looking to bulk update users.

Please refer to our Bulk update or delete users knowledge solution for more details on this request.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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Hi @rueben.tiow , Thank you for the information you shared.
I was able to extract the list of email addresses to be changed by following the link you provided.Now I am trying to update the info using Postman but following the guide I am getting stuck with the syntax.
The problem is that I don’t know what command to use to make the first part of the email stays unchanged and only the second part containing the domain changes.


Hi Ruben,
can you help me on the record update?


Hi all,
can somebody help me on the update of the email?


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Hi @SupConf,

Thanks for your replies.

With the extracted list of email addresses, you will want to convert them to the preferred email address before passing that data to the Update a user request in Postman.

You could perform a string split of the email address, excluding the old domain, and then append your preferred domain to the string.

Hoped this helps!


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