How to update idTokenClaims for express-openid-connect

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I have a use case where I need to update the users idTokenClaims (req.oidc.idTokenClaims email_verified field in my node web/express application once the user has verified its email.

Currently if the user verifies his email and I try to do a silent login as stated here with a next js example, but the information inside req.oidc.idTokenClaims do not update after the re-login is successful

Additionally I saw the same question asked here but it has not been answered.

code snipite:

server.get("/user", requiresAuth(), async (req, res) => {
    return res.status(200).json(req.oidc.idTokenClaims);

server.get("/refresh", (req, res) => {
    authorizationParams: {
      prompt: "none",
    returnTo: `http://localhost:${port}`,