How to translate Auth0 Account Link extension page

I would like to use the Auth0 Account link extension and the implementation might be here(GitHub - auth0-extensions/auth0-account-link-extension: An extension aimed to help link accounts easily).

Seeing the GitHub repo, it looks like there is a locale setting (auth0-account-link-extension/locales.json at master · auth0-extensions/auth0-account-link-extension · GitHub), but if I try to install the extension in an Auth0 Dashboard, there is Version 2.6 extension and I can’t find such setting (like choosing locales) in the version.

Is there any way to choose locales (auth0-account-link-extension/locales.json at master · auth0-extensions/auth0-account-link-extension · GitHub) for the extension?

Hi @hideaki.ishii ,

Sorry about the delayed reply.

Please check out this FAQ for details. Thanks!

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