How to sync password less mobile authentication with my server

I need to know the flow. I am developing mobile App and using passwordless api. auth0 is used for authentication. but I also need to sync it with my server. how can I achieve this?

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Can you describe what you mean when you say:

Typically you have a your mobile app, and a backend API that the mobile app would make requests to. In those requests you would send an access token to retrieve data.

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I need my own server token after authenticate from Passwordless. for furture communication with my server.

You need an access token? Check out this doc:

If you are on android checkout this:


Hi Dan thank you for your response. I am developing iOS App. I am using Auth0 for login. I have successfully configured Passwordless and received token after success. I my scenario I also need to tell my server that I have successful login. how to achieve this approach?

You will send the access token in requests to your server.

But this access token will be unknown to my server. Because it is Auth0 token.

The token is signed by auth0, which allows your server to verify that it is valid and hasn’t been tampered with.

What framework are you using for your backend?

python is backend framework.

This will show you how to validate a token:

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