How to set jwt exp param via postman?

hi everyone
i’ve tried to get token from my wordpress by post man with this code via post method:


it works well and its response is like this:

“token”: “<three.part.token>”,
“user_email”: “<”,
“user_nicename”: “”,
“user_display_name”: “”

when i decode my token its parameters is like this:

“iss”: “”,
“iat”: 1538221084,
“nbf”: 1538221084,
“exp”: 1538825884,
“data”: {
“user”: {
“id”: “1”

now i want to edit my “exp” parameter (and maybe others) by postman. can i?

Hey there!

Don’t know what Postman client offer right now in terms of its feature in UI but feel free to visit our doc on Auth0 + Postman:

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