How to send request via saml rather than oauth?

I have done all setting according to auth0 documentation but i don’t understand how to configure the service provider so i can send request as SAML request rather than oauth. Can you please help me with “configure service provider” section of Auth0?

Hi @akkyintellero and welcome to the Auth0 Community!! :tada: :star_struck:

Just so I’m clear on some details, are you planning on using Auth0 as the Service Provider (SP) or as the Identity Provider (IdP)? From your message it sounds like you want to use Auth0 as an IdP but I wanted to confirm.

If Auth0 is indeed the IdP in this scenario then what information do you need to finish configuring your SP? Do you have some documentation from your SP about what pieces of information it needs in order to make requests to Auth0? Let us know where in particular you’re getting stuck and we can troubleshoot from there.