How to retrieve multiple users via e-mail with a single request

Hello dear Auth0 community,
I have currently the /api/v2/users-by-email route defined and it works fine because I get the user back with the email that I specify as a parameter, but I don’t know how to get multiple users at once with the /api/v2/users-by-email route. this route is very important for me because I get the user_meta data and app_meta data back.

I already tried the /api/v2/users route which works well but I don’t get the user_meta data and app_meta data back which is necessary for me.

So my question is how I can get several users back with the /api/v2/users-by-email route with only one request. Or is there another way I might have missed?

My current object for the request looks like this, and I successfully get the result for this one user, but my goal is to retrieve multiple users by email with one request, and it must contain the user_metadata and app_metadata

I am happy about every answer,
Dear abd2lp!

Hey there!

I guess unfortunately there isn’t a method to get a few users with one single request using our APIs.

Hey Konrad!
Is there a workaround you can recommend to solve this problem?

Not totally sure about it but let me research potential options!

Hmm I just managed to find that, maybe this will work for you:

I mean it works, but I can’t get the user_metadata and the app_metadata back, and this is necessary for me. Thanks for your reply. I would be happy if you could help me to find a solution.:beers:

Unfortunately I don’t think I can offer anything more than that. I would highly encourage you to file in a feature request for that using our product feedback form here:

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