How to restrict a passwordless logins to a given set of users?

I have a passwordless connection setup and it all works as expected. Now I would like only a give list of users to be able to start the passwordless login.

I see there is an option in the Passwordless connection to “disable signups” which is pretty much what I want. The question is how can I whitelist / import users to the Passwordless connection so that I have a list of whitelisted users who can do a OTP login?

I tries using the Bulk Import API but it does not accept “connections” that are not DB:

{"statusCode":400,"error":"Bad Request","message":"Connection must be a database connection","errorCode":"operation_not_supported"}%


Hi @JanC

You cannot bulk import passwordless users, but you can create them with the management API:

Once you have created them you can notify them that their account is ready.


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Hi John,
That’s what I was looking for
Many thanks for your fast answer.


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