How to replace email with other type of login?

Hello! I need to remove logging in by email, instead I need to allow my users to login with their ID (Argentinian ID, for example: 44123478) and then their password.

What config should I touch to get this working? Thank you

Hi @byeze , welcome to the community!

As both email or username are treated as valid identifiers by Auth0, and there are currently no options for disabling email, the only way to stop users authenticating using their email would be to set up a Custom Database connection, which could in the login script, treat attempts to use the email address as invalid authentication.

If logging in with Email is acceptable still, then you could enable “Requires username” so new users had to provide their ID on signup. Existing users would not have a username (unless you have already added this), and so would need to have their profiles updated either manually / by a backend process or through progressive profiling via rules detecting a lack of username for a user.

I hope that helps, please feel free to raise desired features/enhancements here to help the Auth0 Product team prioritise new developments: Product Feedback - Auth0

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