How to refrsh the access token provided by google

What do I want to achieve?

  • First I authenticate the user using Google OAuth and get their calendar events
  • But After 1 hour, the access token provided by Google expires and I cannot get the calendar events anymore.

So my question is How do I refresh the access token provided by Google.

Hi @kamalsingh200238

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Based on your description, you would like to refresh the access token provided by Google. For that use, you will need to revoke your access token with a refresh token that is provided to you with the access token.

Our Devrel team prepared an extensive overview of the Refresh tokens and the process of revoking inactive access tokens. You can find it here. Remember that the article has been created by refreshing Auth0 tokens, but the procedure should be the same (OAuth2).

I’m also leaving the link to the Google documentation about authentication and different scenarios.

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