How to refresh user information in client side when it is changed by mangement api

How can I refresh user information when it is changed by management api.
Suppose User changed his profile picture it should reflect on user object (I am using auth-0/vue)

Hey again @cryogon !

You could perform silent auth to get new tokens - In this particular case (profile pic) you’d need an ID token since that will contain user profile data. Depending on the specifics you may want to take a look at getAccessTokenSilently here:

You can set cachemode: 'off' to force the refresh of tokens even if they aren’t expired, this is outlined here:

Alternatively, if the change is as simple as a profile pic you could get away with just hitting /userinfo endpoint.

Hope this at least helps you with some idea as to what’s possible!

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Thanks for helping again @tyf.

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No problem, happy to help!

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