How to prevent user-password when user is already registered via passwordless


  1. User logs in via oauth / passwordless.
  2. Another user creates an account, using the same password

Right now, this allows the second user to log into the system as the first user, as (a) we don’t require email verification before login and (b) our auth0 config treats these two as different users (we do not on our backend side).

Rather than requiring a user to verify their email before they can log in, I’d rather prevent re-registeration via email/password when there’s a passwordless account.

Is there a canned hook for doing this? And is this a fairly standard thing to do? I’m a bit surprised by the defaults here.

Hi @bencip19 :wave:

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You can leverage the Management API within Auth0 Pre-Registration Action to check if the user with the same email already exists in another connection, and if so, block the user from registering.

I would recommend reading over this post that details how you can do this, along with some sample code to point you in the right direction.

I hope this helps. Let me know how you get on!

Hey @james.merrigan !

Ya, I saw those examples and actually implemented one. But it struck me as odd that I would have to do that, and wondered why the out-of-the-box behavior is permissive. i.e. I feel like I’m missing something on why this isn’t the default - which I wanted to check before implementing.

Thanks for providing such a great solution to the problem, very satisfied.

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