How to persist auth0-spa-js tokens?


Auth0 seems to not be saving users sessions. I login successfully in my SPA application using “@auth0/auth0-spa-js”, but after refreshing the page the session is not kept. When trying to get the token silently it returns an error saying that a login is required.

I set the audience URL as suggested in “How does auth0-spa-js store tokens” without success.


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How did you setup your app? Did you use a quickstart? Could you show us the code for the silent auth?

Hi @dan.woda,


I used the react quickstart available while configuring the app.

Here it is the code I am using. I am trying to get the token silently. If the request fails it redirects user to auth0 login form.

  const {
    isAuthenticated, loginWithRedirect, user, getTokenSilently
  } = useAuth0();

  if (!isAuthenticated) {
      audience: ''
      .then(token => {
        console.log({ token });
      .catch(err => {
          audience: ''

    return <span>Loading...</span>

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What browser are you using? This is likely an issue with the cookies.

I tested with Chrome 80.0.3987.116 and Safari 13.0.5.

Do you have some code sample using auth0-spa-js that is working in your machine? If yes I can test it in my browser.

Another update. When I access the auth0 login form I get these errors in console:

Already added the domain to the “Allowed Web Origins” in Auth0 dashboard, but it didn’t solve the problem.


I just tested this quickstart and the session persists between page refreshes for me on the latest version of chrome:

Can you DM the name of your application and your tenant name?

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It’s working! The session persists between page refreshes for created accounts.

I was using google identity provider in trial mode. I guess after configuring it in Connections > Social it will persist session between page refreshes as well.

This guide link you sent was useful to find the issue.


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Glad to hear it! Let us know if you run into anything else.

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