How to pass custom params from universal login page to callback page

I am using the universal login page and auth0.js webAuth.login method to do login. Our user can choose language in universal login page, so we want to pass the language info which user choosed back to our web app. but we can not found a good way to do so, is there any way we can pass some information back to our web app after login in the universal login page ?
Really thanks for giving me any ideas!

Hey there!

I feel that it’s only achievable through some hacky workarounds I mean it’s definitely not an official way we recommend to take. In terms on universal login internationalisation here’s how we encourage our customer to do it:

however also there were a lot of customers asking about similiar things in the past and you can make use of user metadata in chasing your solution:

Thanks a lot! And we found a tricky way witch is not in document, we pass a param when called webAuth.login like below:

              ... otherparams,
              **locale: "en", // user checked value**
            function (err) {
              if (err) displayError(err);
              button.disabled = false;

and we add a auth pipeline rule function where we can get this locale param from context.request.query and add this info into idToken claims so our web app can get this info from session.

Perfect! Thanks for sharing it with the rest of community!

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