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How to modify line when password was encrypted using passlib.hash.bcrypt_sha256.encrypt (Solved)



I’m trying to follow the “Automatic User Migration with Custom Database Connections” procedure. Our database is a PostgresSQL, the password was encrypted using python passlib.hash.bcrypt_sha256.encrypt function. How should I modify, user.password) line in the Login template?

Thanks in advance.


I’ve figured out this problem.

In case someone else has the same problem, here is the Js code to verify the password encrypted by passlib.hash.bcrypt_sha256.encrypt function:

   // find salt and checksum from the sha256-encrypted password:
   // example: password = 'password', the hashed password would be:
   // $bcrypt-sha256$2a,12$LrmaIX5x4TRtAwEfwJZa1.$2ehnw6LvuIUTM0iz4iz9hTxv21B6KFO

    var parts = user.password.split('$');
    var variant = parts[2].split(',')[0];  // variant = ''2a'
    var rounds = parts[2].split(',')[1];  // rounds = 12
    var salt = parts[3];  // salt = 'LrmaIX5x4TRtAwEfwJZa1.'
    var checksum = parts[4]; // checksum = '2ehnw6LvuIUTM0iz4iz9hTxv21B6KFO'

    var pass256 = crypto.createHash('sha256').update(password).digest('base64');
    // use the same salt to get the hash
    var hash = bcrypt.hashSync(pass256, '$'+ variant + '$' + rounds + '$' + salt);

    var newparts = hash.split('$');
   // Find the new checksum from the hash
    var checksum1 = newparts[3].substr(22,31);

    // Compare the 2 checksums, they should match
    if(checksum === checksum1) {
      console.log('Valid Password');
       console.log('Invalid Password');