How to login in to Auth0 with a custom login WordPress flow (PasswordLess login)

I’ve a custom login UI designed on WordPress, and I want to integrate with WordPress.
I looked into add-login-using-the-implicit-flow-with-form-post.

but I can’t use node on WP. also, the document is not listed under WordPress section, so my question is how I can integrate my custom login, flow with auth0 without redirecting to Auth0 login (Universal Login)?

please note my custom login flow is different from the login.php where I still have that login for admin. but the login, I want to achieve is a different login.

Hi @Samo :wave:

Are you using the WordPress plugin, or looking to build something completely custom on your own?

custom my own flow? I’m using the PasswordLess endpoints if there are any other approach please go ahead.