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How to let the "resource server" know the access_token from Auth0


Hi, I’m new with Auth0, I have already developed a system with Ember as front-end and Ruby as back-end which provides APIs for Ember application. I also have implemented authentication and authorization for it and now I want to migrate to Auth0 instead.

I have already implemented Auth0 with Ember application, got the access_token from Auth0, but the server doesn’t know about the token. Is there anyway to integrate backend server using Ruby with Auth0 ?

Thanks for your help !


Hi @hoangtrinh

Once you have the access_token in the front end you cache it in memory and then include it with every HTTPS request to your backend server by placing it in the Authorization header (docs).

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for your reply @charsleysa, my question might be confusing, but I found the answer for this by following APIs quickstart on the Dashboard.


Glad you made it work @hoangtrinh using our docs!

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