How to keep users logged in for longer?

We need to make sure our users stay logged in for longer. Currently when a user comes back to the site, they aren’t logged in anymore.

These are the following configuration settings on the Auth0 application. No matter what I update, when a user comes back a couple of days later, they are logged out and they have to log back in again.

ID Token: 31540000 seconds (1 year)
Refresh Token Rotation:
- Rotation: On
- Reuse Interval: 0 seconds
Refresh Token Expiration:
- Absolute Expiration: On
- Absolute Lifetime: 15770000 seconds (6 months)
- Inactivity Expiration: On
- Inactivity Lifetime: 2591999 seconds (1 month)


Please if anyone is available to shed any light on this we’d be very grateful :slight_smile:

Hi there @moveme,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Take a look at the session lifetime settings in your tenant.

Hope that helps!

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