How to import bulk user details from Azure AD?

We are using Auth0 with Azure AD as an enterprise connection. all our users are in Azure and it will continue there but how do we import the user from Azure and assign application and Role/Permission to the user. need some information on how to manage this.

Hi @mail4mithu. When your AAD users log in, Auth0 creates a local profile for them. You can store additional data about those users in their user_metadata or app_,metadata, and you can store role-based access control data as well (RBAC data is stored separate from the profile data).

There are many ways to handle this, and none of them is necessarily better or worse than another. You can maintain and manage data in user_metadata and app_metadata manually. You could automatically populate metadata using Rules / Hooks / Actions. When using an Enterprise connection I prefer to automate this stuff as much as possible, to the point where you can delete the profile in Auth0 and it is fully recreated the next time the user logs in.

You can also not use metadata at all. Add data from your AAD environment to the user’s tokens instead.

Again, if you choose to use Auth0’s native RBAC capability, you access that information via separate API calls.

Hi @markd , I am trying to figure out a way to implement this operation too. According to the documentation - “The Pre User Registration Flow runs before a user is added to a Database or Passwordless Connection.”

So is there a way for AAD, the enterprise connection? Thanks.