How to identify what authorization flow application is using

I am new to auth0 and going though auth doc, I came across authentication and authorization flows and my teammates have already bunch of regular web apps, spa and m2m apps and there is no harden rule to follow particular flow for a particular app type, so I want to what authorisation flow they are using for a given app? Is there a simple way to identify this?

Hello @karthik.jeeva ,

A given app can allow many flows and to find out what grant types it is allowed, you can try these:

  1. Via the Dashboard
    Applications > Select the app > scroll down to Advanced Settings > Grant Types tab
    You will see something like this that tells you this given app allowed these flows.

  2. Using Management API

You can call a GET to get a client by client ID endpoint and specify ‘grant_types’ in ‘fields’ and ‘true’ in ‘include_fields’.


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