How to identify each multiple users on one single customer auth0 account

Our team is trying to implement the same flow as stated in this post:
developer portal flow

  • I have a Developer Portal application that users can log into (easy to implement with auth0)
  • I have an api that I want authenticated users to be able to call
  • each user in the developer portal can create some kind of “application” that is granted certain scopes to the api
  • a token is generated in the user interface for each of these applications that the developer can put into their serverside apps to call the api
  • these tokens can be expired or deleted in case they are compromised

On this flow, customer may install this “application” into multiple machines.
Our goal is to identify each “application” that uses our API server

Is there a way to identify each “application” that customer has created and used our services?

Hello, @bulatao.ramoncito! Welcome to the Auth0 Community.

Not at the moment - you would probably have to do a search by IP and list all IPs that have successfully logged in using that application, for example. There is no direct way to do this.

However, I do recommend that you reach out to our Product team! You can contact them directly at


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