How to get the roles a user is assigned to in the dashboard

I’ve seen a number of guides about assigning roles to the idToken based on some rules, but I’m just trying to read the role I manually assigned a user to in the dashboard (as in from going to Users & Roles > Roles > creating a role and assigning a user to it). I don’t want it to be based on any logic, I just want to be able to read that role in my web client in some way, whether it’s in the user profile or idToken, or wherever its available. If there’s even an API specifically to get the roles, I could use that

I just can’t seem to find a way to do that


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Can you expand on what you mean by:

Have you looked at adding it to the token in a custom claim?

I found another post that linked to that same doc, but that was the solution. Thanks!

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