How to get password policy for custom login form?

When password does not matches the policy criteria on submit of sign-up form, webAuth.redirect.signupAndLogin API call checks password policy and calls displayError with message. But this validation happens only when we submit the request.
Is there any API where password policy can be fetched for a particular DB connection, so that we can evaluate the password input without making the signup POST request.

Note: Goal is to utilize single password policy in custom forms.

PS, There was one similar question asked but the provided answer does not help because it checks the validation at server-side which is not efficient. Looking for a solution which can help validation by policy at client-side. Question link below:

Hi @shubham.negi,

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You can get password policy information from the Auth0 Management API v2. The endpoint I linked will provide information about the exact details of the policy per connection.

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