How to get app_metadata and user_metadata THE RIGHT WAY


I’ve been reading many posts and tutorials (thanks for the effort, they are great!), but I didn’t found any single one that said: If you want to get/set app_metadata and user_metadata, without breaking the OIDC standard, this is how it’s done.

Because many of the tutorials/answers solutions was to break the OIDC compliance using rules, like if there is no other way…

My context is: I have a SPA in Angular and a Lambda backend of nodejs functions.

And the simple question is:
How can I get the app_metadata and the user metadata in the backend without breaking the OIDC standard?

I guess it should be done using the management API, but again, it’s not clear to me how to create an API the right way.


Hi @cdelgado,

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There are multiple ways to achieve this. You can add the claims to the token via OIDC conformant custom claims:

Or request them from the management api in the backend like you described.

Hope this helps!


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