How to Export Members of an Organization


This article details how to export only certain fields (such as name, user_id, and email) for all members of a specified Organization.


This could be done by using this Management API endpoint:

For example, the following call could be used to get all members of a specified organization and only return the user_id, email, and name fields:

curl -L ‘<YOUR_TENANT_DOMAIN>/api/v2/organizations/<ORGANIZATION_ID_HERE>/members?include_totals=true&fields=user_id%2Cemail%2Cname&include_fields=true’
-H ‘Accept: application/json’

This endpoint supports two types of pagination, which would require multiple calls to the above endpoint to fetch all users:

  • Offset pagination (specifying the “page” of results to return).
  • Checkpoint pagination (specifying “from” to pull all members from a certain ID up to the “take” number of users).

Checkpoint pagination must be used if there is a need to retrieve more than 1000 organization members.